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JD Miller & Broken Heart Rodeo return to PublicHouse

  • PublicHouse 418 A Street Springfield, OR 97477 (map)

Legend has it that Miller’s band was formed on a dark night punctuated by wild lightning and soil-shaking thunderclaps that rattled the horses who promptly leapt their stables. After rounding up the herd, the band struck a chord as they were trying to warm up with hot cocoa around the wood stove. Then Huck Mulligan and Beth Milton joined JD in song. Hearing this moving melody, Steve Ivy fashioned a single-string bass out of a broom handle, a wash tub and some beard hair. Jackson Breitbach made a fiddle and bow out of a cigar box, horse hair and a deer antler. And Cletis Reaves built a pedal steel guitar (minus the pedal) out of a 2×4, nails and fishing line.

J.D. Miller (Lead vocals and guitar): A good ol' boy from the sticks, J.D. grew up in a small cabin with no runnin' water or electricity deep in the woods. To get back to his roots, he enjoys trekkin' in the woods for days with nothin' but a huntin' knife and a deck of cards, to wrastle bears and hunt for endangered eagle eggs. He makes a mean omelette.

Huck Mulligan (Backup vocals and guitar.): Like the fictional literary character who shares his name, Huck grew up a vagabond, sleeping on porches when the weather was fair and in hogsheads during storms. Huck was a rough and tumble young buck until at 12, he was adopted by an old widow to be civilized and educated.

Cletis Reaves (Pedal steel guitar): A true Texan through and through, Cletis grew up herdin' cattle and pygmy goats. As a young adult, he became a rodeo champion, beatin' the local El Paso record for bull ridin'. Today he enjoys driving his neon blue Mini Cooper.

Beth Milton (backup vocals): Beth grew up a southern bell. At 15, she was married to a handsome kumquat farmer. At 17, she discovered he was cheatin' on her, poisoned his whiskey, and fed him to their pigs. She fled to Oregon, where she's remained ever since.

Steve Ivy (Bass): Steve is a former motorcycle gang leader, who was known by fellow members as "Studmuffin." He was later forced into hiding after killin' a blind man in a bar fight. He put his past behind him, and today, lives a quiet life with his wife.

Jackson Breitbach (Fiddle): The most cultured of the group, Jackson attended Juilliard and is a former member of the New York Symphony. Growing bored of classical music and to find himself, Jackson left New York to hitchhike around the country with his violin in tow. In Mississippi, he discovered a jug band in need of a fiddle player. Jackson joined. Goin' from classical symphonic music to classical country, he never looked back.

Kevin Lee (Drums): The newest member of BHR, the band discovered Kevin at a truck stop holdin' up a Popeye's Chicken with his wife. Travelin' the country in an 18 wheeler, playin' the occasional punk gig at an underground fight club gathering, and holdin' up truck stop greasy spoons, the two are a regular Bonnie and Clyde, and a perfect addition to this rough and tumble group of outlaws.

Mike Balas (Lead guitar) Our mentor.

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