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Anthony Mc Carthy live at PublicHouse

  • PublicHouse 418 A Street Springfield United States (map)

Anthony McCarthy hails from the beautiful Pacific Northwest calling Portland, Oregon home. Anthony brings with him the astonishing ability to touch the hearts of his listeners. This singer/songwriter plays acoustic guitar and piano, playing a mix of soulful, folky, pop-rock offerings with poignant melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

After years of passing around independent demo CD’s and gaining momentum as an artist, McCarthy is now out promoting his first studio album ‘Just a Dream’ with a new album in the making. Work with his band The Rhythm Pimps will also continue into next year.

McCarthy finds music as a companion. Something to supply fortitude when times are rough, and as a mode of rejoicing when things are looking better. His fans are able to find the same gifts in his music. Thanks to his keen understanding of music and his talented ability to translate his emotions into powerful songs. “Music has carried me over some very difficult times in my life. Sometimes it seemed like music was the only thing that kept my head above water while I was feeling depressed. Music makes me feel many things and many ways. Music can soothe me, make me cry, give me goose bumps, make me laugh, make me happy and ecstatic, even.” McCarthy’s fans can say the same thing about his music.

Music is cathartic, a source of release. McCarthy imbues each of his songs with this ability, providing a salve to the soul for listeners. “Good music should affect the soul and create catharsis within. I write music that I personally would enjoy as a listener.” And by holding himself to a high standard of emotional honesty and by sticking to his artistic guns, McCarthy has found a musical voice that will distinguish itself from those around it.

“Anthony McCarthy writes songs with real emotional impact, songs that leave you thinking, and feeling …” – A&R Select

Anthony’s NEW ALBUM ‘Just a Dream’ can be downloaded and streamed entirely at